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Skyhook Suspension, GPS Navigation, Xenon Lights, Full Brier Wood Interior Trim, Leather Headliner, Dual Power Heated Front Seats, Chrome Front Grill, Custom Dashboard, Piping & Stitching, Powered HiFi Sound System, Nuvol Gray, Sella Leather, new clutch and 1 owner, clean car fax.
It appears the car is fully loaded. I have seen a few '04's with a bit lower asking price - but those cars were strippers or low optioned cars. Is there any warranty left? That would sway me over a 02/03 cheaper priced car.

...he's at $46.5 and the car has 31k miles with relatively new brakes, tires and clutch and is a 1 owner
It appears that the owner kept up with his maintenance - this would be a better car versus a $45K car with 20K miles that is due a $6000 bill in clutch, brakes, and tires.

very few have miles in the 30's plus so I don't know where it will be when it hits 40k.
No one can really answer that one - it is obvious that modern Masers are still depreciating. So if that is the deal breaker, then keep looking. Don't second guess yourself to death. The right one will come along sooner or later.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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