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04 chrome grill option

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My 04 coupe has the chrome grill option. It's 5 months old and already the trident is corroding and the mesh is showing signs of rust in places. What does a standard car have at the front? and does anyone else have this problem?
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First off, Wow, kinda surprised chrome on a '04 would already be oxidizing. Keeping a car outside requires a lot more upkeep than a garaged vehicle (yes, I'm preaching to the choir I'm sure). But seriously, maybe I'm just obsessed but I drove my '02 this past weekend and even though it didn't rain, I buffed the trident and Tubi exhaust tonight :)

My best advise would be to use a very fine steel wool on the mesh. That surface is so thin, you won't notice scratches, if it even makes any if you have a fine enough wool. For the trident, replace it... if it were me, I'd even take it in and make my dealer replace the whole thing trident and mesh, if it's rusting. They will probably tell what I'm about to tell you :) ...take care of the vehicle. Chrome will oxidize over time, there's no stopping it. Pick up a cleaner/protector product from your local Advance Auto. Flitz and MAAS are a couple you could try.

Good luck!
chrome grille

I liked the look of the "chrome" grille but liked the look of the stainless steel grille by Leo Nardo better. I got mine at Carrozzeria Design in Irvine, Ca for $833. It is hand welded and looks much better (thicker). While I'm sure the chrome grille would be covered under warranty, I think the SS grille looks better and is easier to maintain. Yes, it does cost a little more.

You can see the SS grille at along with a few other toys I have.

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