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'04 4200 Coupe Cat problem - suggestions please!

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Hi Everyone........ just run into my first potential problem with my '04 4200GT Coupe CC with only 20,000 miles on it.
I had the check engine light come on. I had it checked out at the Maserati dealer in San Antonio and the fault appears to be that I have an overheating cat on the right hand side. The car seems fine and is drive-able right now, however, It seems quite likely that I will have a problem in the not too distant future. There is no way in hell that I'm going to replace crap with crap (ie stock Maserati parts) so what do you guys recommend? I would like to keep the exhaust similar to stock; maybe just a tad louder as the wife still has to drive it too!
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First off park it. Theres no way in hell id drive it. You could potentially damage the engine if you keep driving. Theres a recent thread in here that JLOBO put up. He gutted his cats and sent his ECU to get reprogrammed and thats what i plan on doin if i ever have to. From what ive been seeing its the most inexpensive way to fix this issue. This really sucks that at 20,000 miles this fails. Its bull
Dude, are you serious?
I'm sorry, but if you're suggesting gutting your pre-cats and getting an getting an ECU remap from Evolution as an "inexpensive" alternative, then I suggest that you think again.
Dude??? Im not sure of the tone of your text but Im not gonna get into anything with you here. But JLOBO, a member here, who i have also talked on the phone in depth about this issue had gutted his cats for a few hundred bucs, then sent out his ECU to EVOMS and had it remapped for 1,600 bucs. I would gladly pay two grand to fix a pre cat issue. If you have a cheaper solution to this please tell us.
I personally feel like the ECU remap is pointless just for the cat issue. I believe this is the most cost effective work around for bad precats...

1) Gut the existing precats (possibly illegal)
2) Replace the main cats with FD aftermarket units (main cats are typically contaminated when precats fail)
3) Extend rear O2 sensors downstream from the main cats (this has some challenges but is MUCH cheaper than an ECU remap)
Yea but Travis, if you remember, JLOBO not only remaped the ECU so that the 02 sensors wouldnt go off, but he also had something done to give him a much better throttle response similiar to the DBW. so to me he did two things with one shot....And also FD aftermarket cats are not cheap ether. Out of curiosity how much are FD aftermarket cats? Never mind i just looked. Their $850, then you have the labor to install and then you have to move the sensors, and the sensors have to be mounted in the correct spot for the proper reading so they dont throw a code.. Seems like quite a bit of work. ID rather go the other way,,seems much easier to me, especially if your gonna gut the pre cats anyway
If you live where emissions is not and issue you dont need cats, car will run fine, You will still have some back pressure from your mufflers. If you guts cats and install FD cats you will have to relocate the 02 sensors or you will throw a code. On the other side of this, If you gut cats, remap the ECU, you wont need the 02 sensor and at the same time they can give you much better throttle responce, which makes a big difference. I would check and read JLOBOS thread, its interesting. Then look at your options
Your rite, we are talking about cat issues. But what im saying is if you have a cat issue, one option is to gut them and have EVOMS do a remap to eliminate the 02 sensors going off, and at the same time have EVOMS enahnce the throttle response, just like JLOBO did. ....On the other hand......As far as FD cats are concerened, their a great product and another way to go, but what im saying is if you install FD cats, you first gut the primary cats, (Cats by the Header), install the FD cats downstream, then you have to move the 02 sensors, correct?. If you do this, then of course no remap is needed,
I could never figure out why we call the downstream cats the main cats....seems to me that the header cats with the 02 sensors would be the main cats.......the downstream cats secondarys.
I think Jlobo paid 1600 for his reflash and im not sure what all he had done, but when i called EVOMS, i told them i wanted more throttle response and that i wanted to stop the 02 cell from coming on if i gutted my cats and he quoted me a price of $1250. I thought that was a pretty good price to get one issue resolved and a mod done at the same time. If i have an issue with my cats,,,(knock on wood) ill be going in this direction to kill to birds with one stone. As stated above, relocating the sensors could be a hit and miss and i wouldnt want to have to keep messing around with that. Id rather go for the sure thing Jlobo said scince he got his done his throttle response is razor sharp. Soon as he hits the pedal hes off and running.
No, waiting for a failure would be silly so if i wanted a DBW id call FD and buy it. But in this case with a cat failure id go the other way.
Lets try break it down with a rough idea for the guys in here to give some an idea. How much do you think it would cost to gut cats, install FD cats, and move sensors
Yea i agree. It would be hard to find a shop but doable. The costs you mentioned add up to almost 1500 and i agree with that estimate. Then you have to hope that the sensors are mounted in the rite spot. The 1500 estimate seems equal to goin the way im suggesting. See what i mean. If you have to spend 1500 why not get more out of it
Nope, haha,,,the way im saying is gut pre cats 250 or so, and a reflash 1250,, thats all you need to, 1500, 1600,,,.if u gut precats and reflash, u dont need sport cats
Got it. Someone like myself with the main cats out would have to either go the way im suggesting, or reinstall their old cats and move sensors, or buy FD cats then move sensors
If you get a remap, you dont need to worry about 02 sensor spacers or non foulers cuz with a remap, they can eliminate the 02 sensor part of it, thus no cats no cell.....Ear plugs i have to agree haha
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