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IMHO, Maserati's been pretty liberal about applying updates to their early-release cars. They felt the need to provide excellent support to the people taking a chance on the returning marque.

For that reason, the 2003's have been upgraded at Maser's cost to nearly the same level as the 2003/2004. For the Spyder, there are significant chassis changes that cannot be applied to the 2002, though.

I don't see much difference between the 2003 and 2004 models, though, especially for the coupes. That would lead me to believe the best value would lie with a will-sorted-out 2003 (as referenced in your other thread). Let someone else take the initial-year hit on depreciation, no different than any other nameplate.

You won't be sorry you bought a Maser - I've had a great deal of fun with our 2002 Spyder. Because they are relatively rare, even when compared to an F-car, riding around town always causes a stir. Great fun and a great car.

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