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Dear Ewan,

Like many topics, this one has been covered pretty completely in prior threads, so I encourage you to search for them. When you talk about slippage, when it this occurring, from a stop, or at speed? Obviously, from a stop the software prevents an aggressive engagement of the clutch. If you are at a stop and floor the engine, you won't move, as the software is designed to prevent the clutch from engaging in that scenario. I think all of us experience that. (It is unfortunate that there is no, "Launch mode," as found in other SMG-type tramsmissions). If that is all that you're experiencing, I think that initial hesitation is normal. I too have an '02 Coupe, production date in July. There was apparently a factory upgrade from a single tang clutch to a dual tang clutch to address problems with slippage. The first thing you should do is find out if your car received the upgrade. Complicating matters, of course, is that if you do get the mechanical upgrade, the dealer will likely insist on upgrading your software as well, which makes the shifts smoother and more luxurious, albeit slower, even in sport mode. Thus, some of us have been hesitant in allowing the upgrades to be installed in our cars. I believe there may have been some cars upgraded to the dual tang unit in the normal manufacturing process that still have the original software. I think that sometime in 2003 the software upgrade became the standard program. Thus, for those with sporting tendencies, this (an '02 WITH the dual tang clutch AND with the original software) is the setup to have. The same goes for other subtle changes made after the '02 year of production, for example in the suspenion tuning, which all went towards making the car more of a Jaguar and less of a Ferrari.

Just my thoughts. My opinions as expressed above may not be absolutely accurate, but rather reflect what I have gleaned over the time I have been a member of this and other forums, and in discussing our cars with various other owners.

Happy Motoring,

Frankie P
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