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Hi everybody,

I just bought an 02 Spyder Cambiocorsa (metallic nero/bordeaux interior) with:

- Nav
- Tubi Exhaust
- Carbon kit
- Heated seats
- Park assist
- Extended interior bordeaux coloring
- Aftermarket Amp/Subwoofer (Diamond/Kicker)

Question as to the upgrades that a lot of you seem to mention. Are these covered under warranty (I have almost 3 years left on mine) or are these optional upgrade purchases for (if you have to purchase them, how much?):

(1) Clutch system
(2) Navigation software (CDs?)
(3) A couple of you mentioned hi-fi software upgrades? Is this just a software upgrade for the info center?
(4) Can a glass rear window be retrofitted? The 02 only has a plastic window.
(5) Can parts of the vintage package be retrofitted?
(6) Mine came with a rear antenna factory installed. If I decided to remove it, will I still have AM/FM reception through the front window (albeit at a poorer quality? Not planning to use radio that much anyways).
(7) Also, as I have the Tubi exhaust, does anyone know if that addes anything in terms of performance to the car (besides the sound)?

I heard about two recalls:
(A) fuel line
(B) soft top
Are there any others?

Any other advice on things to consider/buy/upgrade?

I'm also considering lowering my suspension which I read can be done by just tuning it at the dealer. Any experiences on that?

Sorry for all these questions and thanks for all your help. I'll get my car in a couple of days delivered from California and simply can't wait. Live in Miami Beach.



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There are 2 recalls that I am aware of that apply to some cars:

NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 04V140000 calls for replacement of the bolts holding the steering rack. They can come loose because somebody at the factory forgot the LocTite. You should know if your car has loose bolts because you will hear and feel a 'clunk' at the front end. You should get the recall done whether you have the clunk or not.

NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 03V529000 which covers the fuel line in coupes and Spyders.

Go to and you can see all associated documents associated with these recalls including the dealer instructions (actual TSB - Technical Service Bulliton).
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