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It must be your cup of tea!! What a great product!
You can see exactly where your money is going. This is a exactly attractive UI design compared to previous ones, Detailed Attachment.
Snapdragon processor and a touch screen, looks sleek and up with the times tech wise.
Every detail is perfect, It looks even more far nicer than the two-piece system.
Every parameter is what you want,scoop this up on sale!!!
Pre-order now, orders expected to ship by the end of November
One might wonder this model, the surround bezel extends further into existing dash? If interior is red or white the black part covers some of that?
Yes, the black will cover the original strip. You can see that in the picture(The picture is RHD). As for the color, the black part will cover some of that. Only black is mass-produced at present, also other colors can be customized, which usually takes one week. If your interior is red, installing a black one might look a bit out of place, so you can customize red.
– Pure Android 11.0 OS with carplay
– Fully compatible with stock IN TOUCH
– Video Format: Support HD 1080P
– Screen Resolution: FHD+ , capacitive Multi-Touch screen
– Bluetooth hands-free phone call, Synchronize contact list
– Built-in WiFi function
– Built-in Google Play Store
– Built-in GPS Offline Map, Support Online Map
– Radio Chip: AM / FM with RDS
– Support AUX-IN Audio, with 2 USB port
– Support Steering Wheel Control
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Great, just what we need. Another annoying touch screen interface.....
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