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  1. '95 Shamal

    Vintage Maserati
    Hey everyone, I own a 95 shamal in Kuwait, was my fathers car and one that I have lots of beautiful memories in, looking to restore it and haven't run into much trouble except for the suspension. As any other stock shamal owner knows the car is monstrously low to the ground, and while much of...
  2. WTB: Wooden steering wheel with emblem to hang in garage

    MaseratiLife Market
    Hi, this summer, my son and I will be hanging car memorabilia in our garage and we're looking for a wooden steering wheel to add. Looking for something inexpensive with the emblem. Vintage is preferred. Would consider Maserati, Alfa Romeo or possibly another other Italian marque. Please send...
  3. Selling: Maserati art

    Vintage Maserati
    Hello all, My name is Diane Tran student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I'm here to fundraise money to continue my education. I am selling these two pieces here (One of which is not Maserati related). 1954 Maserati 250F – Newsprint Engine Composition – 8ft x 2ft ($5000.00 USD)...
  4. Wheels and Rims

    Vintage Maserati
    As many of you know, classic/vintage Maserati's came equipped with Borrani wire wheels on them. There is a common myth that Borranis are no longer made and manufactured. Well, I am pleased to tell you that Borrani is still in business and crafting beautiful classic rims by hand in Italy. My...
  5. LBMd'Italia '10 fotos

    Garage - Photos & Videos
    Since the dude working on my drywall likes to eat his lunch at a leisurely pace in my bathroom and insists on staying until 5 even if that means he vacuums for 2 hours, I have plenty of time to upload these pics from this year's Le Belle Macchine d'Italia. I'm not a great photographer like some...