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  1. About to buy Ghibli SQ4 Nerrisimo - have a few questions

    Hey all, I am about to buy the 2017 Ghibli SQ4 Nerrisimo and I had a few questions regarding performance/maintenance etc. Firstly, I live in Chicago and our winters get pretty cold and snowy. Do you recommend a different set of tires/rims for winter - if so, which are your top picks? Looking...
  2. 2014 Maserati quattroporte s q4 for sale

    I am wanting to sell my 2014 Quattroporte. Nero black with brown interior, 32K miles. Perfect condition. If interested please email me at [email protected] thanks
  3. Looking to buy ‘14 QP S Q4 , have questions for experienced owners

    I’ve been doing some research on purchasing a 2014 Quattroporte s q4 as a daily driver, It’s used and has 60k miles. CARFAX says nothing is wrong with it and I can’t find any info on this model on the internet. Would really like to know the yearly cost besides insurance, stuff like maintenence...