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  1. Was Skyhook standard on all GranSports?

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Hi, I am buying a 2006 GranSport Spyder, and I have been assuming that Skyhook was standard on all GranSports. After all, it wouldn't be a very "Gran" Sport without it. Am I correct that it was standard or do I have to check on it somehow? The dealer showed me an option sheet with the options on...
  2. Skyhook light came on, HELP-

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    My Skyhook light came on- Not surprising after I got the car back from my body shop guy for some minor work on my gransport. Car had an additional 50miles on it. I didn't know it took 50 miles of road test to get some body work done! What can I do? I noticed it after I took off. Whatever. I...
  3. How to visually inspect GranSport and confirm it has Skyhook?

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Great community here. Hope to be joining the ranks of ownership soon. I'm currently considering the purchase of a 2006 GranSport Spyder. If I were to "visually" inspect the car to confirm it's equipped with Skyhook, what would I be looking for? The salesperson I'm dealing with was not very...
  4. FD Releases: Sport Lowering Springs for Non-Skyhook Maserati 4200 Models

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Formula Dynamics in Las Vegas, NV has officially released it's new Sport Performance Springs for Non-Skyhook Maserati 4200 Models including the Coupe and Spyder from 2002 - 2006. Retail pricing is: $1295 for the kit. Testing on the 4200 non-skyhook sport springs was performed with very...