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  1. Maser Maintenance in Denver

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    So I joined the forum months ago to educate myself on all the trials and tribulations these cars bring to their owners. I have owned many highline sports cars but no exotics yet. In my understanding one of the best ways to not pay through the nose for service is to find an independent mechanic...
  2. Maserati Technician Here With My Own Shop

    Driver's Lounge
    Hello people, just trying to get the word out a little. I am a Maserati technician with my own shop in Huntington Beach. I offer really great prices for clutch jobs, brakes, scheduled maintenance, engine building,( I have my own machine shop on premises.) We also do powder coating, auto body...
  3. Maserati Repair, Great Work, Great Prices

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hello, I have a small shop in Huntington Beach Ca. and I offer full service from engine building to autobody and paint for late model Maserati's. From clutches to twin turbo kits, I do a lot at my shop. We also do in house powder coating and custom carbon fiber work. I have a full engine...
  4. Master Maserati Ferrari Technician. Have small shop in HB

    Member Introductions
    Hello my name is Lance, I work on Maserati and Ferrari Cars. I have a small one bay shop I work out of. I have the latest diagnostic equipment for the Masi's and Ferrrari's. I also have a complete engine machine/building shop here too. I build engines for exotic cars. I also build custom...