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  1. 21" Titano Wheels and Winter Tires for Sale

    MaseratiLife Market
    Sold my '14 QP a week ago. Have a set of the 21" Titanos she came with that I used as my winter wheels (Pirelli Sottozero 3). Being in Raleigh, NC, these tires didn't see a lot of use - probably have 60% of tread left or more. Wheels are in pretty good shape - no rash. Have sensors installed...
  2. OEM 20" Double spoke

    MaseratiLife Market
    OEM 20” Set of 4 Maserati Wheels and Tire (tpms and center cap included). No curb rash Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Front Tires: 245/40/20 Rear Tires: 285/35/20 $2300 Located in MD (local pick up preferred)
  3. Still Looking for 20 GT or Sport Style Rims for my QP

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hey guys- I'm looking for a reasonably priced set of 20" OEM wheels or even wheel/tire set for an QP. I am located in the Dallas area, let me know if you have some or know of where I can find a set. Thanks - Charles
  4. RIMS IN GREAT condition for sale

    QP5 2003-2012
    hi, i have a set of 20inch rims and tires with 3000 summer miles on them for sale from my Quattroporte. they are Staggered and have a chrome lip. can be painted to any color. paid $4500 for them. will sell them for $1800.00 . its a steal and an EYETURNER
  5. Wheels and Rims

    Vintage Maserati
    As many of you know, classic/vintage Maserati's came equipped with Borrani wire wheels on them. There is a common myth that Borranis are no longer made and manufactured. Well, I am pleased to tell you that Borrani is still in business and crafting beautiful classic rims by hand in Italy. My...