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  1. GranTurismo
    Hey Guys, figured this might be worth documenting, may be of interest to some. There is a lot of knowledge here, and I could use some expertise from the forum with some of the components of the rebuild. Lots of knowledge here and in the community, and this is my first GT, so I'd appreciate any...
  2. GranTurismo
    Hi everyone , I am new here . I am in the market and looking for GT. Around my city , there is a 2013 GT which has 20 k miles and very nicely taken care of . Owner made some carbon fiber coverings , inside is very clean . Owners asks around 33k $ which clean title ones are around 45-50k $ Owner...
  3. Member Introductions
    Hello my name is Lance, I work on Maserati and Ferrari Cars. I have a small one bay shop I work out of. I have the latest diagnostic equipment for the Masi's and Ferrrari's. I also have a complete engine machine/building shop here too. I build engines for exotic cars. I also build custom...
1-3 of 3 Results