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  1. Christmas Present to myself (to share with y'all)

    QP5 2003-2012
    This time 4 years ago, I made myself a very happy individual. I Purchased a 2010 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS. ZERO regrets. ZERO looking back (other than to take one more look and smile after parking). 100% joy. I put together a quick and dirty sound compilation of my car (with some humor I...
  2. I’m Down

    Modern Maserati
    Interested in trying out a Maserati. Since it’s mostly for kicks and something that I might switch out in a year or two I’m looking at the cheapest used listings. Questions: Thoughts on 05-08 Quattroporte models? Where should I get servicing done? Assuming I’m starting with a car that has...
  3. Maserati Quattroporte III 1980 Parting Out

    Vintage Maserati
    1980 Maserati Quattroporte III for parts or restoration project. * This Maserati QIII is ideal for a seasoned Maserati enthusiast who is knowledgeable and skilled with the dedication, time and resourses to take on project such as this. This car needs full restoration. The full original car...
  4. Selling 2007 Maserati Quattroporte executive

    MaseratiLife Market
    Selling our 2007 Quattroporte Executive 77k miles Steering wheel paddle shift automatic Has screens, electric front and rear seats, heated and cooled seats, factory window shades and much more I can send more pictures and videos if needed Brand new black powder coated rims Brand new brakes...
  5. code problem

    Modern Maserati
    I have this message on the display of a 2005 Maserati Quattroporte and can't resolve it. I have the code but don't know where and how to put it in. Any help more the appreciated, many thanks
  6. 2003-2008 Maserati Quattroporte custom dashkits

    MaseratiLife Market
    hello this is Troy from Amoebic Applications a 3d printing and design company that also specializes in custom dash kit for forgin or domestic cars we just finished up the 03-08 Quattroporte dash kit for a 9in alpine screen. these dash kits can be custom to any size radio and texture/ color.for...
  7. Definitive Solution To The iPod Question

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hello All, Now before I get slammed for adding yet ANOTHER thread for iPods here, trust me I have been through them other sites trying to get an answer to the following question: Which iPod system when installed on an 2005 QP will give not only direct iPod input but ALSO allow for...
  8. Base Timing

    QP5 2003-2012
    Good evening. I am in need of assistance with a setting. I have a 2005 Maserati Quattroporte. Does anyone know the timing mark for the crankshaft? Thanks, drich
  9. 2008 QP: warranty, grills, ipod/xm questions.

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hello, I've purchased this 2008 QP: Maserati : Quattroporte Maserati : Quattroporte | eBay This is my second QP. I had one brand new in 2006 and it was a bag of the problem. I really hope this time I'll be more lucky. I've been able to lower the price to 60k (pre-tax). I think it's...
  10. Clutch Position Sensor for 05 Quattroporte

    So, my 05 Quattroporte broke down the other day all of a sudden. The electronic system failure and transmission failure lights came on, and the power went out. I am told it may be a Clutch Position Sensor. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this? Also, how much does this cost...
  11. Shocks 2005 Quattroportte. How much $$ I should expect to pay?

    QP5 2003-2012
    Shocks needs to be replaced on my 2005 Quattroportte. Anyone know how much this is going to cost me?
  12. GOD I love this color combo!

    QP5 2003-2012
    Why couldnt this beauty be an 07+!?! Anybody have an active Carfax? VIN#ZAMCE39A260026731 I would have already clicked the button if it were the right year (I'm sure it would be about 10k more though). Dealer might be a little steep but it's definately got the miles to justify it. That Ivory...
  13. Need a NAV CD for California

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for someone that has a spare NAV CD for Califirnia for my Maserati Q 07. I appreciate your help. My crazy girlfriend threw it out of the car !!!! I will pay for shipping. Thanks
  14. 2005 Quattroporte Should I buy it?

    QP5 2003-2012
    2005 MASERATI QUATTROPORTE (only 35330 miles) Is this a good deal? I test drove it and the ride was not smooth, but at the same time I was not shifting gears, I was just stepping on the pedal. I am a clueless person about maseratis, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Peter
  15. Transmission Failure in Reverse

    QP5 2003-2012
    I'm currently having a problem with my 2005 Quattroporte. Many times when i go in reverse my car will say "transmission failure go to nearest dealer". I have read on some of the threads where people have had the transmission failure light and it was the clutch position sensor or the brake...
  16. Heated seats getting me hot under the collar!

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hello all! Brand new member and I'm very excited to have found the forum! At the end of last year I bought my first ever Maserati - a 2010 Quattroporte 4.7 GTS. I absolutely love the car and can't believe I wasted so many years on other manufacturers! It has been a slow process in figureing...
  17. Exhaust sound video

    QP5 2003-2012
    Good weather - new camera - what a better thing to do than a video of my exhaust! YouTube - 2006 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT Exhaust Test Enjoy! HJQP
  18. Strange noise from the gas tank

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hi, I have a QP 2005 Duoselect. Since few months ago I'm experiencing a strange noise coming from my gas tank. It only happens when the gas tank is half empty. The noise is like a "clonk". For me its like some kind of air or gas pressure related problem. It is not related with the speed or gear...
  19. Maserati Quattro Pics - 2009 for sale

    QP5 2003-2012
    Here were a few pics for the Maserati. $98,500 (OBO)
  20. About to sell my 05 QP

    QP5 2003-2012
    Its been a great ride - but time to sell my 05 QP. It will be detailed next week, I'll do some throrough photography and start the unpleasant process of selling it. I've posted quite a bit about this car on this forum. But thought I'd mention it on the board here in advance. I'd discount it...