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purchase questions

  1. Newbie Looking at Buying a 2010 Gran Turismo S

    Howdy! New guys looking to buy a 2010 Gran Turismo S from facebook market for $22k Just looking for advice as to what to look for when buying from a non knowledgeable seller. I am aware of the CAM variator issues and what to listen for on a cold start. I'm pretty sure it has skyhook but i was...
  2. Looking to buy ‘14 QP S Q4 , have questions for experienced owners

    I’ve been doing some research on purchasing a 2014 Quattroporte s q4 as a daily driver, It’s used and has 60k miles. CARFAX says nothing is wrong with it and I can’t find any info on this model on the internet. Would really like to know the yearly cost besides insurance, stuff like maintenence...
  3. Purchasing 07 - but which one?

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hi - total newbie - have been hankering after a QP5 for years and can now consider one of these (I hope links are ok) But I keep chopping and changing between which one I prefer. I haven't driven the blue one yet. My main questions are: 1. They are both ExecGT but grey one has mesh grill and...
  4. Thinking of Buying a Maserati

    Modern Maserati
    I need some honest advice on Maserati ownership. What can I expect on maintenance and upkeep issues. I have previously owned a 69 Corvette Conv., Audi TT, Audi A6, VW Passat. We are moving to Germany and I am looking for a car I can enjoy the autobahn with and with side trips to Italy - the...