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  1. QP5 2003-2012
    Hello all I went to get my QP 5 out of storage yesterday, as due to lock down I haven’t used it in quite a while. When starting it started absolutely fine but while idling it was making a quite a loud and distinctive tappeting noise for both banks. At first I thought that It would go after a...
  2. GranTurismo
    Hi all just bought a 2008 Maserati grand turismo with the 4.2 engine but have a few slight issues! first is when it starts from cold I hear like a grinding for a few seconds after start up! ( sounds like starter motor isn’t retracting properly?) second is once the cars up to temp and I turn it...
  3. Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Hi all, First of all, nice to see all in this forum... I am new to Maserati and just got my 2001 3200GT automatic; I've read a couple of threads from this forum before I decided to get one.... However, the problem comes on my very first day I got the car, I was driving my 3200GT, it was in a...
1-3 of 3 Results