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  1. MaseratiLife Market
    Purchased these sport performance lowering springs from formula dynamics and never installed them on my 14 QP GTS! Black Finish!! Just getting around to listing them for sale! In box weight is 40 pounds, so you can check shipping quotes .. In Houston TX .. Would prefer pickup but willing to...
    $700 USD
  2. QP5 2003-2012
    I am looking for a QP 2004 ABS pump, the one the previous garage sourced turned out to be faulty, no surprise there. If anyone knows of one oor can help me connect with someone who can help, please let me know, car pretty useless without it. Thanks Mike
  3. QP5 2003-2012
    Hi all, looking to get new pads and rotors for my QP sport GT. Does anyone know if the calipers are a 6 piston set up on both front and rear? I am under the impression that the rear brakes are larger. Has anyone had success buying pads for under say 600 bucks from rock auto or other non OEM...
  4. MaseratiLife Market
    Hello all just looking for a passenger headlight for my 2016 gran turismo. Thanks!
  5. QP5 2003-2012
    Hello, my mechanic changed the Electric Parking Brake Control Module on my 2007 QP (Part 229384 replacing 281371). The play is a used play. Once the part is in place, nothing happens while with the old part the brake is put on once and then breaks down. I would like to know if there is a reset...
  6. QP6 2013-
    Took my 2014 QP GTS into a european auto shop in Texas after an evap leak code. They smoked it and say I need a new neck filler, but they can't find the part anywhere. I think I find it on Scuderia. Wondering if anyone has experience with this company, or has a good place to find parts like this.
  7. Formula Dynamics
    Hello I have a 2008 Qp, I don't know much about it since I came up on it for a very low price. I got the carfax but it doesn't say if its a Base , Sport Gts or an Executive GT. It just lists all 3 as trim. I took it to a specialist who is greatly recommended and he said its a Sport Gts, the...
  8. Vintage Maserati
    1980 Maserati Quattroporte III for parts or restoration project. * This Maserati QIII is ideal for a seasoned Maserati enthusiast who is knowledgeable and skilled with the dedication, time and resourses to take on project such as this. This car needs full restoration. The full original car...
  9. Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Just sold my GranSport and would like to sell some original (OEM) parts: - Set of secondary Cats - Tool Set - Air Compressor - BMC Air Filter Cleaning Kit (Never Used) All parts listed are OEM. Will sell separately or as set. PM or call 973-951-6046. Rosario
  10. Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Can anyone recommend a good site for finding new and used Maserati parts?
  11. Coupe, Spyder, GS
    05 06 Maserati Gransport rear wheel needed !!! Please pm me or call 773-517-7797 ps. Parting out 2006 Gransport, lot of parts available, please inquire
  12. Member Introductions
    Hello my name is Lance, I work on Maserati and Ferrari Cars. I have a small one bay shop I work out of. I have the latest diagnostic equipment for the Masi's and Ferrrari's. I also have a complete engine machine/building shop here too. I build engines for exotic cars. I also build custom...
1-12 of 13 Results