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  1. GranTurismo
    Hi, I am in hell. Please help. I have no sound, and I think the solution is counterintuitive. Which wires need to be wired to amp to get sound? I really need the help. I have watched a ton of vids on YouTube. Cayman speaks more of the backup camera than he does other parts. My backup camera...
  2. Do It Yourself (DYI)
    I have a 2006 maserati quattroporte I have no sound from radio and it resets every time I start car brand new interstate battery the biggest one they make and the one recommended for those cars. Also can not get it to program have disconnected the battery and followed reset . Glove box only...
  3. QP6 2013-
    Hey everyone, this is my first post so hopefully I'm posting in the right location. The audio in my 14 QP just completely stopped working while I was driving. I only get the chimes when the ignition is on or when the trunk or door are opened. No audio from parking sensors or speakers. I've read...
1-3 of 3 Results