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  1. Newbie Looking at Buying a 2010 Gran Turismo S

    Howdy! New guys looking to buy a 2010 Gran Turismo S from facebook market for $22k Just looking for advice as to what to look for when buying from a non knowledgeable seller. I am aware of the CAM variator issues and what to listen for on a cold start. I'm pretty sure it has skyhook but i was...
  2. Isabella

    Hello, everyone! Let me have the pleasure of introducing you to Isabella, my new (to me) 2014 GranTurismo Sport, decked out in Nero Carbonio metallic and Rosso Bordeaux. Still waiting on the title to register her, but right now, I'm focused on fixing the sticky button problem she's developed...
  3. I’m Down

    Modern Maserati
    Interested in trying out a Maserati. Since it’s mostly for kicks and something that I might switch out in a year or two I’m looking at the cheapest used listings. Questions: Thoughts on 05-08 Quattroporte models? Where should I get servicing done? Assuming I’m starting with a car that has...
  4. Take foot off gas when shifting??

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    First-time owner, long-time listener here... When shifting the Spyder cambiocorsa, should you take your foot off the gas when paddle shifting, like you would do with a standard manual shift? I just keep my foot on the gas pedal, but I'm not sure that's what I should be doing. You'll be...