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  1. DVD Nav disk - 2011 Grancabrio

    Maserati Lounge
    Hello, I am about to buy a 2011 GRANCABRIO which was originally from Dubai. The owner moved back to the UK and brought the car with him and I plan to BRING THE CAR TO THE NETHERLANDS. i was told by the local Maserati dealer that it is not so simple of just buying a BENELUX OR WESTERN EUROPE...
  2. Key code not valid...system blocked for 20 mins..

    QP5 2003-2012
    I purchased my first maserati about 4 months ago.... It's an 06 quattroporte with 24k miles... Love the car, went out of town for a few weeks, came back and battery was dead...jumped car and it was cueing me for a radio code. I called the dealership (collection south florida) and they...
  3. Need a NAV CD for California

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for someone that has a spare NAV CD for Califirnia for my Maserati Q 07. I appreciate your help. My crazy girlfriend threw it out of the car !!!! I will pay for shipping. Thanks
  4. 02 gs (lack of) navigation driving me nuts

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    So I bought the car used, came with nav cds but kept saying "function unavailable". I noticed there was no antenna or cable so I bought them and installed but the message did not go away. I took it to my local Maserati/Aston/Bent dealer and they "called the experts" which told them to not touch...
  5. In Dire Need - Navigation DVD for 2008 Quattroporte California / Nevada

    QP5 2003-2012
    If by chance anyone in another region of the country is willing to part with a California / Nevada Navigation DVD, I'd be willing to purchase immediately! Bought 2008 GT-S (used) which came with no Nav discs at all and would prefer to purchase just the one as opposed to buying a complete set...
  6. Rear View Mirror w/ NAV and Backup Cam

    Modern Maserati
    Just picked up an '04 Coupe. Would like to add Navigation and Backup Camera. Found a rear view mirror from Audiovox that has 4.5" LCD screen built in, which a rear view camera and Navigation computer can be hooked up to. Custom stereo installer a bit nervous about replacing rear view mirror...