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  1. Vintage Maserati
    Hi, i'm new in tris forum and I need Some help on my Maserati Merak restauration proyect. I Am looking for the complete workshop manuals for a 1978 Maserati Merak. I Am Also looking to buy (I cant find it) a complete wire harness for the car. Any idea wire I can find this two tintes? Thanks a...
  2. Vintage Maserati
    Hope someone can help, I have a 1980 Merak SS and can not get it to shift into 1st or 2nd gear. The gear shift goes into the proper postions (1,2,3,4) but when in 1st gear position the transmisson/gearbox is actly in 3rd gear and when in 2nd gear position the transmisson/gearbox is in 4th gear...
  3. Vintage Maserati
    Continuing my quest for understanding and also as a history lesson, I'd like to know just how many dashboards did the Merak have. I've attached three pictures, the first seems to be the original first dashboard by Citroen SM, the second seems like the "SS" version (also described as such in the...
1-3 of 3 Results