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  1. MaseratiLife Market
    Sold my Granturismo Sport and didn't include my after market wheels from Variant Alloy Wheels So now selling all 4 "20 inch Variant Cold Forged Krypton Matte Black DDT" rims, satin black chrome caps, and lug bolts with attached Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tires These are custom made to add...
    $1,500 USD
  2. Ghibli
    Hello I am a 2021 Ghibli sq4 owner with the teseo dark 20" rims if I can find the steel teseo 20" id do a exchange. I am located in Chicago IL. Thanks.
  3. MaseratiLife Market
    SOLD! Mounted on my 4200 the fitment was perfect no spacers needed Great for Gransport Coupe Spyder 3200/4200!
  4. MaseratiLife Market
    Editing to lower price: Sold my '14 QP a week ago. Have a set of the 21" Titanos she came with that I used as my winter wheels (Pirelli Sottozero 3). Being in Raleigh, NC, these tires didn't see a lot of use - probably have 60% of tread left or more. Wheels are in pretty good shape - no...
  5. GranTurismo
    Anyone have any suggestions for where to find reasonably priced pre-owned Maserati wheels. I have 2016 GT convertible with chrome wheels and thinking about switching to black or graphite. Like the MC Design Matte Graphite alloy wheels. What does everyone think? All opinions welcome.
  6. QP5 2003-2012
    $750 for WHEELS AND TIRES -I am selling a nice set of Wheels/Tires off my QP. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport - Front 245/40/19 - 55 percent tread left /Rear 285/30/19 - 25 percent tread left. The Wheels are from The Executive GT and have 9 Spokes and have been custom matched last month...
1-6 of 6 Results