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  1. Granturismo rear light

    Folks I have a 2011 granturismo convertible. I saw a different variation of my tail light in a video of a HAMANN GT with the dark edge & white interior. Does anyone have any idea where I can get these lights and would they fit my car?? Here is the link to the video. ‪HAMANN Maserati...
  2. Unique "Maserati Studio Lamp & paperweight"

    Ouch.... I have a GT 2009 passenger front light kit with a very small scratch right at the borderline. It works perfectly and probably somebody that know what he / she is doing can restore it. But that is not me :thumbsdown: The kit MSRP is $3,061 + tax - And since it is in working condition I...
  3. 2006 GranSport Spyder -- fuse for fog lights?

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Anyone in the forum dealt with this before? "Light Failure" warning light on instrument cluster was tripped a couple weeks ago. Fog Lights are out. Fog Lights switch in center console appears to function correctly --- depressing the switch activates/deactivates "Fog Lights" indicator light on...