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  1. QP5 2003-2012
    Hello Hello, Would like to pose to the group a question about my 2007 QP5 Sport GT. I am experiencing somewhat rough idle, until shifting into any other mode (D, N, R etc...) at which point car completely smooths out. Between 1k and 1500 rpm I am getting jittering/hesitation and car is...
  2. QP6 2013-
    Took my 2014 QP GTS into a european auto shop in Texas after an evap leak code. They smoked it and say I need a new neck filler, but they can't find the part anywhere. I think I find it on Scuderia. Wondering if anyone has experience with this company, or has a good place to find parts like this.
  3. Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Hi all, The noise on my drivers side window is getting too annoying for me so after much thought and a few measurements. i have come up with the following theory. The passenger window drops about 1 inch when the door opens. and it seals fairly well (not 100% but pretty good seal for a...
1-3 of 3 Results