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  1. Definitive Solution To The iPod Question

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hello All, Now before I get slammed for adding yet ANOTHER thread for iPods here, trust me I have been through them other sites trying to get an answer to the following question: Which iPod system when installed on an 2005 QP will give not only direct iPod input but ALSO allow for...
  2. anyone with full iPod connectivity on a GT 09 or 10?

    I am wondering whether or not spend the $700 my dealer charges me for changing the connector on my glove compartment and updating the software so I can integrate the iPhone with the sound system. I am happy with the sound coming from the sound system hard drive, but it is a slow process to...
  3. Broken iPod adapter/CD Changer?

    Modern Maserati
    So we recently picked up a black Coupé and so far so good. The car came with an integrated iPod cable, but for whatever reason it’s not working at all. The cable charges the iPod, but will not play anything. While trying to figure this all out, we pulled out the rear CD Changer to check all the...
  4. Thoughts regarding Stereo Upgrade

    Modern Maserati
    Fyi I am in the process of verifying if this is actually doable but I saw that the New GranTurismo S will have full ipod intergration as well as sirius satelite capability. Looks to be very similar stereo to what is in my 2009 GranTurismo except for the obvious "Full Ipod Integration and...
  5. What is the purpose of the USB port?

    I have a 2009 GranTurismo. After reading (and posting) several threads in this forum on the ipod, lack there-of I have come to the conclusion that the auzilary jack is the only way to get music from ipod to play thru the stereo speakers (and you need to play dj in the glove box to shuffle / pick...
  6. 2009 GranTurismo Stereo Question

    I have what i think is a simple question. I ust purchased the above stated car and cannot seem to work the I-Pod thru the main stereo unit other than to get sound out the speakers and control the volume. Is there a way to be able to shuffle thru the song lists, or even just skip/replay a song...