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  1. Routing iPhone cable from center console?

    I want to keep my iPhone in the cup holder but need to plug it into the USB in the center console. Even with the flattest thinnest cord I cannot route it through the console and close the cover. Cable gets pinched and/or the cover won’t close. Does anyone have any ideas about threading the...
  2. How to remove the cigar lighter

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    I have tricked out my factory radio with a "CD Changer" from Loudlink and I love it (compared to the factory changer). I also got a cable to hook up my iPhone to the audio input on the Loudlink and the cigar lighter output through a USB adaptor and it all works great especially when listening to...
  3. iPhone for audio

    Hey guys and girls, I'm new here and looking at buying my first Maserati (Gran Turismo, new). Did the test drive and loved it, but was disappointed when I asked what my options were for playing music off my iPhone. Apparently I need to either place my phone in the glovebox and connect it via an...
  4. iPhone bluetooth connectivity and GranTurismo 08/09

    Posting this for the benefit of other members that might encounter same issue. The connectivity with my iPhone via bluetooth was very "Italian supermodel" style. Some days it worked w/o asking much, other days needed constant and tender care. somedays it would refuse to pair at all and only...
  5. anyone with full iPod connectivity on a GT 09 or 10?

    I am wondering whether or not spend the $700 my dealer charges me for changing the connector on my glove compartment and updating the software so I can integrate the iPhone with the sound system. I am happy with the sound coming from the sound system hard drive, but it is a slow process to...