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  1. Member Introductions
    Hey, y'all! James, here! I am in the Temecula valley area of Southern California, just north of San Diego county. I've been lurking on this board since 2015 under another account name, but this is my first post. I have owned my 2012 GranTurismo S for a couple of years now and besides the A/C...
  2. Modern Maserati
    Hello Maserati owners, I have just finished designing my take on the Ghibli, the main part being the back which I always frown upon by how bad it looks compared to the front, and took the time to adjust some other things. I would just like some feedback on these sketches and what you like/don't...
  3. MaseratiLife Market
    Genuine OEM Front Right Hand Suspension Kit for Gran Turismo and Quattroporte up to 2009 part number 980139891. Brand new unused as bought in error as I needed the later part. Will post anywhere in the world if your happy to pay the cost. I am open to sensible offers. Thanks for looking.
    £600 GBP
  4. GranTurismo
    Title says it all. I LOVE this car, but I prefer the old front end (2013-17) to the 2018-19 version. However obviously it doesn't come with the updated radio that was implemented in 2018 to replace the.. vintage one. Can it be done? Thank you for your time and collective wisdom.
  5. GranTurismo
    Looking to wrap my 2018 GT. Any recommendations for professional wrappers ( not sure that’s a thing) in the CT, NY area?
  6. GranTurismo
    Just wanted to share for those who might be considering a satin black wrap as well. My paint was damaged in multiple areas and I decided to go with a wrap over a repaint and the results have got me feeling like I'm driving a brand new car :)
  7. GranTurismo
    All, Just bought a new, old GT Sport, don’t even have the car yet. It’s a 2018 model, one owner, low mileage and the dealer is selling it as a CPO so I have warranty for three years. All tht is great and the dealer here in CT is absolutely awesome. However the car only comes with one key fob...
  8. MaseratiLife Market
    2 owner Grigio Alfieri GranTurismo Sport Convertible with 57800 miles for sale. Recent full service with spark plugs, transmission and motor mounts. 4 new Pirelli P-Zero tyres (5 due to too many nails on Texas roads). Car is in good condition, runs beautifully. Everything works, no sticky...
    $52,500 USD
  9. GranTurismo
    Hi Fellows, Thoughts on below LED Steering Wheel? Main Concerns Are: Battery Issues in the Long-run Installation Difficulty Would appreciate some insights.
  10. GranTurismo
    2018 granturismo sport 15300 miles Hello everyone looking for some imput here as I wait a few days for the dealer to look at my car. Purchased a 2018 granturismo sport in January and have very little problems up until about 2 weeks ago. The car is making a knocking noise when it is at idle...
  11. GranTurismo
    Hi everyone, I have a 08 GT and the heated seat has stopped working. The switch still talks to the dashboard and displays the setting level but the seat itself has stopped getting warm. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. MaseratiLife Market
    I purchased a 2016 maserati granturismo and was looking to add a carbon fiber rear spoiler, but I have the raised trunk and it seems like I'm not able to add a rear spoiler to the trunk since mine came with the raised trunk? I've looked through the forums and tried to do some research just...
  13. GranTurismo
    Hey Guys, I have a 2013 GT Sport. Lately it's been taking a few more cranks to start up in the morning (~25 degrees F). After a while it started having this metallic rattling noise in the engine bay, sounds like it may be related to the belt or engine. Its a constant rattling sounds almost...
  14. GranTurismo
    Hello, New here, considering getting a GT. Read a lot about the sticky buttons situation, and was wondering if this affects all model year or did they change the material starting from a specific year? Thanks
  15. GranTurismo
    Hi all, Very excited to finally join this forum! I am located in NYC and I have been browsing through the forum a lot in the past few weeks as I was working my way to the decision to purchase the GT. I am now waiting to pick up my 2014 GT Sport (about 24k miles) next week once the dealer is...
  16. GranTurismo
    Hey guys, the steady, not flashing, engine light on my GT MC 2012 came on for the 2nd time now after it had been reset last week. P0340 - "Defective Catalytic Converter, Internal engine damage resulting in high oil consumption and/or a leaking Head Gasket has damaged the Catalytic Converter"...
  17. GranTurismo
    Hi there guys, bought a 2012 Granturismo MC Sportline with 20k miles on it for 55k, needs some work on the front RH suspension. This wire/cable from the caliper is broken off and I have literally no idea what it is, and I need to replace it so I can get the car rolling. I thought I found it on...
  18. GranTurismo
    Hello, about a year ago I purchased a 2008 granturismo from an Italian restaraunt owner at the start of covid for half price as he needed to free up some cash. I was able to do this by detailing cars and buying and selling minivans the last few summers. I purchased it with 15,000 miles and it...
  19. GranTurismo
    New to the site and really enjoy connecting with everyone. I have a 2009 Granturismo. I have powdercoated the wheels black, switched out the exhaust and had it powdercoated black also, added carbon fiber door handles, carbon fiber rear spoiler, wrapped all of the chrome around the window...
  20. GranTurismo
    Does anyone know what these two buttons mean and do?
1-20 of 55 Results