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  1. Help - First Time Buyer - Grancabrio Sport

    Hi all, Just joined the forum, and looking forward to getting stuck in... Bio: Big time car fan, currently own an '03 CL55K AMG and looking at changing it to a Grancabrio Sport. Have read quite a bit of literature on these cars however had a few specific questions regarding a car I have seen...
  2. The New Mistress

    The New Mistress

  3. GranCabrio in US

    Last year I bought a 2015 gt mc centennial and I just love the car. As I look around, I’m hard pressed to find another with badging on the dash that says GranCabrio MC like mine does. Does anyone know if this was something that could be customized when purchasing the car In the US? I have the...
  4. FD Releases: Performance Sport Springs For Maserati GranCabrio

    Formula Dynamics announces the release of our Performance Sport Springs for the Maserati GranCabrio. HIGHLIGHTS: Dramatically Improves Handling Lowers Vehicle Center of Gravity Made in the USA from the worlds best Chrome Vanadium Durable High Temp Powdercoated Black Finish (Standard) Custom...
  5. GT S vs GranTurismo???

    I am about to pull the trigger on a GranCabrio 2011. I am just wondering if anyone has driven both the GT-S and the GranCabrio? Is the drive much different between the two cars? My hesitation to buy the GranCabrio has been its performance and questionable lack of top performance for a car in...
  6. Maserati GranTurismo C/GranCabrio MC Sportline

    Hi Everyone! Just came across this video of a particular edition of the cabrio from Maserati with the MC Sportline options. Enjoy!
  7. Grancabrio in Seattle

    Check out the new GT cabrio at Maserati of Seattle... If they do hardtop for 2013 I will trade my GT 09 for that one :thumbsup: