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  1. GranTurismo
    Greetings, I only got one key fob when I got my gt 2008, the key fob worked fine no matter start or locking/unlocking the car. Recently I send the car to workshop for install the push start system, after installation it can start the engin and also remote start but the key fobs(from the push...
  2. GranTurismo
    Hey, I am getting some check engine codes for misfires in my 08 gt- I have been recommended to change out plugs and coils to do so by a shop near me but they are charging like 3k to do it, but from what I can see scuderia parts gives me everything for under 700 and I can just do it in my garage...
  3. Member Introductions
    Hi All, great to find this place. I am new, in Austin TX. In the near future I am looking to purchase a 2013-2016 Gran Turismo. I have done a ton of research and have read over the site, so hope not to repeat questions. But is there buying guide resource on here? Also, in n general would...
  4. GranTurismo
    Does anyone know how to get the MTC unit to play videos in the 2018 Granturismo?
  5. MaseratiLife Market
    Hello all just looking for a passenger headlight for my 2016 gran turismo. Thanks!
  6. GranTurismo
    Hey, hope everyone is well. First time post I've had my 2010 GT around 5 years without incident. However last week while driving I heard a small pop and the car lost power it will now only move slightly if the gas is fully pressed and will still only limp along. Local Garage(not maserati) has...
  7. MaseratiLife Market
    Hey guys, shopping around for a 2018+ GT front bumper cover if anyone comes across one. Haven't had much luck finding a seller willing to ship to Canada, Toronto Area. Mine is toast...looked at repairing but I can't see how it would be done w/o section the top half from another piece.
  8. GranTurismo
    Hi all, I’ve found a 2017 Bianco Eldorado Maserati GT which has the perfect spec (including exterior and interior carbon packs - evo 1 & 2). I’ve put down a holding deposit, however it has come to light that the first service was completed (at a main dealer) in October 2020 with 17k miles on the...
  9. GranTurismo
    Guys and Girls, I am currently evaluating between a 2012 GTS and a 2013 GT Sport with around the same mileage and price. I know GTs had a facelift in 2013 (slightly aggressive with no fog lights), a slight increase in HP and new unibody seats. Are there any other meaningful differences between...
  10. GranTurismo
    Bought a nice GT but after owning the car for a while it looks like somebody hit something and patched up the damage. One thing they couldn't fix: hairline crack in the left front rim. This is my wife's car and it is used, don't want to buy a whole set if I don't have to. Anyone know of a...
  11. GranTurismo
    Hello Team I am looking to purchase used 2010-2014 Maserati GranTurismo, if you are selling please share detail on your car and contact info here. Thanks
  12. QP5 2003-2012
    In rebuilding a 4.7, what would you have to do to change it to a flat plane crank? Besides timing, is there any issue with secondary vibrations? Or would one be better in installing a ‘F’ motor instead? Grazie mille, in advance for any helpful comments.
  13. GranTurismo
    Hello everyone, Just acquired a 2014 GTS and excited to be part of the Maserati owners family. It is looking great inside and want to keep it that way. I am good with the leathers but a little more doubtfull about the rest of it, door panels/dashboard and glove box, as well as the famous...
  14. GranTurismo
    Has anyone updated their GT to have a slightly exaggerated boot lip as seen on the MC or more recent GT models. There are pictures on the web but the parts are not from reputable Maserati people who could also fit it. Has anyone any leads I could follow up in the UK.
  15. GranTurismo
    New to the site and really enjoy connecting with everyone. I have a 2009 Granturismo. I have powdercoated the wheels black, switched out the exhaust and had it powdercoated black also, added carbon fiber door handles, carbon fiber rear spoiler, wrapped all of the chrome around the window...
  16. GranTurismo
    The battery is reading 11.5v, I have had it on a float charger. I have checked the fuses under the hood, under the steering wheel and the fuses on the battery. The car won't turn over, I will get a few beeps and then the key will get stuck in the ignition. A 99 showed up on the climate control...
  17. GranTurismo
    Hey guys. So, my CEL popped on randomly in the middle of a drive this morning. She's never done that before, and she doesn't feel like she's running rough or different. Engine wasn't overheating and I've only put Premium in her. I've heard that these cars can be somewhat temperamental, and...
  18. GranTurismo
    Anyone have any suggestions for where to find reasonably priced pre-owned Maserati wheels. I have 2016 GT convertible with chrome wheels and thinking about switching to black or graphite. Like the MC Design Matte Graphite alloy wheels. What does everyone think? All opinions welcome.
  19. GranTurismo
    Hey guys. I've seen one or two posts on floppy sun visors in the forums, but after investigating the issue with my car, it looks as though someone may have actually opened the visor itself to try and fix it -- and with thread that doesn't match the stitching, no less. I'd be willing to order a...
  20. GranTurismo
    Hey guys. So, I just got Isabella back from the inspection. Emissions went through with flying colors and they found no error codes or mechanical issues. However, for the safety inspection, they nicked me for having the windshield tinted, the front tires were worn badly at the inner edge, so a...
1-20 of 30 Results