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  1. Ghibli
    So my maserati ghibli 2014 had issues on starting, where I’d attempt to run it, and have no response other than the dash and lights turn on. I took it to the dealership and they said the issue was due to the battery and had it changed. 3 months later the issue occurred again, and i had a...
  2. Ghibli
    Hi guys, new to the community. I have a 2014 Ghibli 3.0l diesel that started playing up last week. First thing I noticed last week was the car was not registering the key fob. Assumed the key fob battery was dying so went and replaced battery in both keys. Came back to the car the next day to...
  3. Ghibli
    I’m deciding whether to stay with the gun metal wheels or switch back to the hyper silver. Any recommendations?
  4. Ghibli
    Hi, I am thinking of adding a read sun shade. From my understanding I need three things: 1. The sunshade computer module. 2. The sunshade itself. 3. The controls. Are all the wiring harnesses all in place to plug and play or do those need to run? Does that sound correct? These are the three...
  5. Ghibli
    How much is a reasonable price on a full brake job on a 2019 Ghibli? AND, are aftermarket parts OK, or are OEM the only ones that can be used? Thank you for your replies 😁
  6. Ghibli
    any idea if this hose should be connected to something? If it helps, ive been hearing a sound like dual mode exhaust closing or a thump in the rear, especially when the car downshifts to 2nd or first gear. The hose is in the pictures and feel like a hard plastic, could be a sunroof drain hose...
  7. Ghibli
    Dear community, Just 4 days ago, the navigation did stop working on my Ghibli 2014 (Garmin). After I start the engine the navigation is still loading, however it will never change and I can see the logo forever and cannot use the maps. So the very same as you normally start the engine and can...
  8. MaseratiLife Market
    Selling my downpipe by bullet performance. $1000/obo.
  9. Ghibli
    Hey does anyone know the specs for Maserati Ghibli sq4 rotors front and back ? New to this group to by the way.
  10. MaseratiLife Market
    For sale are a set of 18 inch Maserati wheels with winter tires. The wheels are in very good condition with very minor curb rash (they're winter wheels!) and the tires have only one season on them. 80% tread left. The wheels will fit all Ghibli's and I believe all Quattroporte's as well. They...
  11. MaseratiLife Market
    I was going to wait til the spring time to put it up but I figured I’d give the members here first dibs. I’m looking to sell my 2013 Granturismo MC with just under 30k miles. It’s in excellent condition and has just about every carbon fiber option that was offered from the dealer, inside and...
  12. Ghibli
    Hi guys just brought a 2017 ghibli 50k mile,is my first day driving this car, having really bad vibration , like the whole car steering wheel are shaking when I reached to 70+mph, I called the dealer they said is normal, is it ??????
  13. MaseratiLife Market
    OEM 20” Set of 4 Maserati Wheels and Tire (tpms and center cap included). No curb rash Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Front Tires: 245/40/20 Rear Tires: 285/35/20 $2300 Located in MD (local pick up preferred)
  14. MaseratiLife Market
    selling my JB4 with bluetooth - $500 shipped in US
  15. Ghibli
    Hey all, I am about to buy the 2017 Ghibli SQ4 Nerrisimo and I had a few questions regarding performance/maintenance etc. Firstly, I live in Chicago and our winters get pretty cold and snowy. Do you recommend a different set of tires/rims for winter - if so, which are your top picks? Looking...
  16. Ghibli
    I have a 2015 Ghibli Q4. It has the GranTurismo package I believe and larger braking system. A few days ago when backing up my brakes locked up and ABS, Traction Control, and (P!) Light came on as well as "service ABS system" check. I eventually got the brakes to let go but the lights are still...
  17. Ghibli
    I have a leased 2019 Ghibli. Does anyone recommend a Website I can use to get brakes as the dealer wants to charge me $1900 for brake change. My rotors are not drilled, the basic.
1-18 of 30 Results