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  1. QP5 2003-2012
    i'm brand new to the forum, in market to buy QP5. i'm having trouble finding definitive answers in my research on the body revision that i think happened starting 2008, you all call Facelift. i see mention of the front grill revised, which is obvious, but isn't the form of the front sculpted a...
  2. QP5 2003-2012
    Hello, I've purchased this 2008 QP: Maserati : Quattroporte Maserati : Quattroporte | eBay This is my second QP. I had one brand new in 2006 and it was a bag of the problem. I really hope this time I'll be more lucky. I've been able to lower the price to 60k (pre-tax). I think it's...
1-2 of 2 Results