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  1. GrandTurismo tuning

    I want to tune my GT Sport like this: 4.7 Any ideas on cost/ECU flash? Is it worth it? I’ve got 33k miles...
  2. Mods for GT-S

    We recently installed a Formula Dynamics ECM and DBW upgrade on a Maserati GT-S. One happy owner. Contact us if you'd like us to tweak your modern Maserati to optimize and realize the full car's full potential. Sales blurb from FD: " The DBW in your GT-S will help release noticeably more low...
  3. We Need an FD Dealer in WA!

    QP5 2003-2012
    There's a shop in Auburn that I've been trying to convince should become an FD dealer, but they've haven't done it yet. I'd love to get a DBW and ECU for my 07 QP Sport. How complicated is the install? Are there install instructions available online anywhere? I've thought about buying the...