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  1. WTB: 07-09 Maserati Granturismo S Vancouver, BC Canada

    Hi there, As title says, Im looking to buy a used Maserati Grantursimo S or non S. 07-09. Email me if you know anyone selling the above, or if you are. It would be great to have a MC pedal. Thanks. You can email me @ [email protected]
  2. Importing a Quattroporte into Canada

    I'd like to import a 2007 Quattroporte from Arizona to Alberta. The US dealer(a used car dealer, not a masi dealer), says he can get the recall letter for me and have the speedo & odo changed to metric at the local masi dealer. He says I don't have to change the analog display, just the digital...
  3. US to Canada imports update

    Maserati Lounge
    Hey everybody - hope you're all doing well. I haven't forgotten about you, but my new position in our corporate offices keeps me too busy to be involved with our Maserati store much anymore, beyond the web development (we are launching a new site in the next couple of weeks), and a few events in...