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  1. Noisy brakes

    My 09 GT makes very loud noises when I hit the brakes at slow speed situations such as at traffic lights, parking or cruising on a residential zone. My dealers in Seattle tells me that is "normal" for high performance cars, but I see a lot of lambos, ferraris, porsches, etc all just doing fine...
  2. Changing Brake Pads

    QP5 2003-2012
    Has anyone changed their own brake pads? I have a '08 QP and my husband wants to change the pads. I am in south Louisiana. There is one shop certified to work on exotics in this area. They are refusing to put on any pads other than the factory ones. We are using a set up from Formula...
  3. what are the best aftermarket brakes for Maserati

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hi I have 2006 Quattroporte Maserati; I am looking not reliable brakes for Maserati, Did anyone try any brand such as red EBC brakes, and do these fit with the brakes sensor, and would the sensor still work with these ones? Thanks a lot for your help