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  1. GranTurismo
    Hubby just surprised me with and 08 GranTurismo. We have lots of fun project plans with it, but in the meantime I wanted to listen to my music without having to download to the Jukebox. There's no aux port and the USB is power only. I had a Bluetooth radio transmitter from my other car, but it...
  2. GranTurismo
    Hey guys and girls, I'm new here and looking at buying my first Maserati (Gran Turismo, new). Did the test drive and loved it, but was disappointed when I asked what my options were for playing music off my iPhone. Apparently I need to either place my phone in the glovebox and connect it via an...
  3. GranTurismo
    Posting this for the benefit of other members that might encounter same issue. The connectivity with my iPhone via bluetooth was very "Italian supermodel" style. Some days it worked w/o asking much, other days needed constant and tender care. somedays it would refuse to pair at all and only...
  4. GranTurismo
    Anyone having problems with those your calling from your bluetooth connected phone in the maser having echos and hearing their own voice? How is the call quality of those you have called from their end ? Can't seem to figure out if the BT of the iphone 4 is the culprit or the Maserati GT...
  5. Modern Maserati
    Would love to start a thread that incorporates all audio mods to our cars. I have a 04 Spyder CC that has the Blau CD changer, and I assume has a Blau head unit. Would love to incorporate ipod and ideally use bluetooth through the audio/nav system. Have looked thru lots of threads and the info...
  6. Modern Maserati
    Just bought my QP EGT and i am loving every second of it. I desperately want bluetooth and Sirius with as close to a factory install as I can get. I read an article from Mobile Audio magazine about a pretty complicated install, but i was wondering what anyone here has done?
1-6 of 6 Results