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  1. 1984 maserati biturbo timing help

    Biturbo Maserati
    so I am the owner of an 84 biturbo in need of work, the cars timing belt was removes when the previous owner replaced the water pump. I myself dont know how to set the timing on this car, and help would mean a great deal to me thanks,
  2. 85 Biturbo Problem

    Biturbo Maserati
    Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to Maserati cars in general. My brother and I were looking at a car for sale near us. Here is the description: 1985 Maserati biturbo color RED this car is in good shape need some body work has orig. rims, new tires Its a auto. comes w/a compleat tear down...
  3. Ghibli seats compatible with '93 Biturbo Spyder?

    Biturbo Maserati
    Hello Everybody, I joined this forum recently as a new '93 Biturbo Spyder owner. I have been looking to buy this model for years and had my moment of luck last April at a Maserati Garage in Belgium. The car is in an amazing condition except a view small details that do not imply important...