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  1. Biturbo Maserati
    Hi All I’m restoring a Ghibli 2 and am looking for a set of bonnet vents. P/N 398350300. Anyone know where i can get my hands on some? Any help greatly appreciated. Hard to find Down Under.
  2. Biturbo Maserati
    HI All, 222SE - I'm a happy owner of the car from Japan.. and the issue is with the lights as those lights are fitted for the right-hand drive. Any option to convert existing lights to left-hand drive or I need to buy new ones? KR C
  3. Biturbo Maserati
    Hello, my 1992 maserati biturbo 2.0l is having some issues with the electric current coming from the distributor to the spark plugs. So my car is currently working only on the 4th, 5th and 6th cylinders and even like that the engine is idling well, but when running the power is much lower. I...
  4. Biturbo Maserati
    so I am the owner of an 84 biturbo in need of work, the cars timing belt was removes when the previous owner replaced the water pump. I myself dont know how to set the timing on this car, and help would mean a great deal to me thanks,
  5. Biturbo Maserati
    Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to Maserati cars in general. My brother and I were looking at a car for sale near us. Here is the description: 1985 Maserati biturbo color RED this car is in good shape need some body work has orig. rims, new tires Its a auto. comes w/a compleat tear down...
  6. Biturbo Maserati
    Hello Everybody, I joined this forum recently as a new '93 Biturbo Spyder owner. I have been looking to buy this model for years and had my moment of luck last April at a Maserati Garage in Belgium. The car is in an amazing condition except a view small details that do not imply important...
1-6 of 7 Results