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  1. Looking to buy ‘14 QP S Q4 , have questions for experienced owners

    I’ve been doing some research on purchasing a 2014 Quattroporte s q4 as a daily driver, It’s used and has 60k miles. CARFAX says nothing is wrong with it and I can’t find any info on this model on the internet. Would really like to know the yearly cost besides insurance, stuff like maintenence...
  2. Maserati GranTurismo Convertible 2014 *HELP*

    Was stored w/o tender Attempted to start and battery was low. But did crank over slowly. Battery charged with tender Fob doesn't work. Wont lock/unlock Now the engine turns over while the dash lights flash. Still, no start. Replaced the fob battery and put in a new Maserati battery. Sill didn't...
  3. Rear Seat Entertainment on QP6 '14

    QP6 2013-
    Does anyone have a QP6 with a RSE? I happen to have one and I am not able to find a lot of information on it. After a bit of research, I was finally able to play a video on it, but I am not able to get sound. Overall, the RSE seems cool, but it is the most mysterious feature on the car. I am...