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I think Ill keep a few captioned pics of the way its was when GT's were lovingly put together...If I find more I'll add them.


The wiring loom and dash are assembled in front of the car that the parts are destined for. Heard behind the expected sounds of impact wrenches and robotic machinery is Italian pop music piped in over a building-wide loudspeaker.
It's easy to find Maserati's home thanks to the spire that stands over Modena's skyline. This is where Maserati has built their cars since 1940, when the company was relocated from Bologna to Modena.....

While many of the buildings date back to Maserati's early years, the facility benefits from a 1999 factory rebuild under Ferrari's ownership and direction and a re-tool and modernization program in 2001.

nside the assembly facility Maserati GranTurismo bodies are wheeled into place to start the build process. The old brick buildings hide a very modern assembly line that's played host to Alfa Romeo models as well as Maserati's.



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