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  1. BMW driver gives me the “small di*k” gesture

    Modern Maserati
    i lol'ed. thanks for the morning pick-me-up, jason. maybe make a safe-space subforum...
  2. 2011 4.7L GTS

    camshaft replacement was for deformation due to cam variators, not tappet noise so i can't really answer that. it was making a whole hell of a lot of noises.
  3. 2011 4.7L GTS

    i've replaced one camshaft. it was a stiff price for just one. i'm on the mystery oil train.
  4. Which looks better to you?

    the MC definitely looks better to me, that front and rear fascia make it. the interior is about the same, but the MC opts for carbon trims which can be had on other GTs as well. the cluster is slightly different aesthetically, not in shape or function.
  5. Noise in motor??

    you're buming a 4 year old thread, bud. if you have concerns, consider starting your own, fresh thread.
  6. Flat plane crank in a Maserati....

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    them damn torque converters....
  7. Blower motor fuse blowing.

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    your way out is better. i replaced a blower motor in a gransport a few months ago. was less than ideal coming out and going back in. that metal riveted plate on the back isn't mentioned anywhere, italian surprise.
  8. Left the dealer. Really bad news

    QP6 2013-
    yeah that is a new one for me. the timing chain and sprockets are on the back of the engine, would be easiest with engine pulled.
  9. Variators: Which engine

    i stand by my statement. saying "usually" is one step off of assuming. those two are an attempt to make an engine say, "hold my beer and watch this."
  10. Valve cover gasket

    i've had mixed results with surfacing. i feel like car manufacturers are shifting to thinner rotors to save rotational weight for those sweet sweet MPGs, thus reducing the wiggle room for machining.
  11. Variators: Which engine

    looks good if you want to add another potential source for oil leaks.
  12. Valve cover gasket

    great that your guy saved you all the monies. i will add that i've had piss poor outcomes of reusing rotors once they get a sizable ridge on them. they typically groove around the rotor, too. on the valve cover leaks... i price those out when leaking and when it starts getting damp back there...
  13. Hooking up Radar detector

    GranTurismo sometimes a quick search saves a lot of effort.
  14. Levante: sensations, reliability, issues?

    the gts levante only weighs 104lbs more than the v6. GTS 550hp/538ftlb v6 430hp/428ftlb i think you're comparing apples to oranges here using your land rover.
  15. Tire pressure monitoring reset

    well yeah/
  16. Gts as a daily driver

    QP6 2013-
    there are a few aftermarket, cheap scan tools that can do it.
  17. Options for Pre-Cat Failure

    Coupe, Spyder, GS its about time someone got some headers....
  18. Engine Questions

    QP5 2003-2012
    i'm sure it has been stated, but half way up the low to full, warmed up and running.
  19. Engine Questions

    QP5 2003-2012
    shell makes a 10w60, it is used on 18 and up ghiblis, qp's, and levantes. like molasses.
1-20 of 474 Results