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  1. Goodyear Exhilirate Ultra AS

    Does anyone have experience with this Goodyear Exhilirate 245 45 ZR20 in the Ultra High Performance All Season? Thinking of putting a set on my Gran Turismo. Thanks.
  2. New Maserati Look-Alike

    From a reasonable distance or if not well-lighted it is a dead ringer for my Gran Turismo!
  3. New Maserati Look-Alike

  4. 2013 Granturismo Sport workshop manual

    Clutch your email is defective.
  5. Didnt pass Smog test

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Sad story. Is your car Grigio Nuvolari? I have that color in a 2012 GT-S. I think it is beautiful. Good luck.
  6. Maintenance Reset

  7. Maserati Discontinuing GranTurismo in 2020? Implications?

    I am impressed most of the Members respect the Moderator's directive. Thank you.
  8. Opinion on Oil change intervals

    I change oil and filter every 12 months. Would never go longer!
  9. Tires - Need smaller

    My factory 2012 Grand Turismo S has Front 245/35R20 tires on 8.5 J x 20" rims and Rear 285/35R20 tires on 10.5 J x 20" rims. I want to replace a smaller tire onto these factory rims. Has anyone done that and if so what would be the best smaller sizes? Thank you!
  10. Anyone use QuickJack on their GT?

    I have the same problem but have the fascia with the fog lights...
  11. Flashing Battery icon with car running

    Any update on the hoses? If they weren't replaced can you tell us what the thinking was? Thank you!
  12. Whiter License Plate Lights Solution

    Vinny - I installed the license plate lights you recommended. Fantastic improvement! From yellow to white. Thank you. Area there any other places these bulbs could fit? I bought two extra. Thanks.
  13. More woes for Maserati

    Curious how a company that "was doomed" 10 years before it produced the Levante (first revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show) survived about 18 more years?
  14. Jukebox option disappearing

    Hmmm. I thought I have been using just my memory stick to play songs-plugged in to the glove box jack. Now, after reading this discussion, I am thinking maybe I am using the hard drive and not my plugged in thumb drive.
  15. Whiter License Plate Lights Solution

    Good info. Thanks. Can you give the actual model of the bulb and where you got it? Thanks.
  16. Hood Release Cable

    Thank you, Jason. You're amazing.
  17. Hood Release Cable

    2012 Gran Turismo S - Hood Release Handle inside the car near the driver's knee shows the hood release cable is frayed. It needs to be replaced before it breaks. Is it a DIY project? Is the Dealer the best place to purchase a replacement cable? Is there a second hood release cable as there...
  18. Rotor cross reference

    QP5 2003-2012
    The other Maserati forum site had a group buy and had rotors made up out of carbon fiber. I got there too late...nevertheless I couldn't get any informative responses to my questions.
  19. CarPlay backup camera install

    Do It Yourself (DYI)
    Nice work! What color is your Maser and what year? Thanks.
  20. Decided I'd give the GT a go

    I had forgotten how good looking the MC Sportline is. I have the 2012 but the front end difference is dramatic compared to the MC. Congrats!
1-20 of 246 Results