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  • Roygao ·
    Hi I wondering changing the 2013gts front bumper to MC bumper? is that possible what should I do? I found this one Maserati Granturismo MC Sportline Front Bumper Cover for 2008 Carbon Fiber Lip | eBay is this one fit?
    Fallen ·
    Also, in terms of 09-12 GTS, they are all essentially identical since they are all pre LCI correct? (Except with the F1 tranny in 09's for US)
    Fallen ·
    It helps tons, thank you so much. Does the GTS have Bluetooth audio? Or just Bluetooth for phones? Was there ever a sound system package that upgraded interior speakers? I can't seem to find the sticker price page with all available options.
    Fallen ·
    Ah, that makes much more sense then. I am based in the US so seems like the ZF is the only way to go for me. I've also read your post in regards to swapping the front end into LCI front bumper. I actually really like the older ones (with fog lamps) as opposed to the new ones which is why I was looking into low mileage 2012's. I'm sure the headlamps can be replaced to the newer LED's? Do you know what else that was changed dramatically that would make me reconsider the newer one?

    Sorry if I'm flooding you with questions as I'm trying to be as informed as I can before pulling the trigger.
    Fallen ·
    Hey ZZJ, I read your explanation in the thread that was informing another forum member on the differences between the GT's throughout the years. I was wondering if you knew how to tell whether or not a 4.7L is GT S Automatic or 4.7L GT S? What differences are apparent between those except for the ZF-Speed Transmission? Aren't they both automatics (put it into "drive") and the engine rows through gears itself?

    Also I've noticed some 4.7L's have Silver oval exhausts and some have black oval exhausts. Were they a specific trim or just an option that could be painted from the factory?

    Thank you so much in advance as I'm quite eager to finally pick up a 4.7L of my own.
    yizhao ·
    HI ZZJ,

    Your car looks amazing! I was wondering if you got aftermarket side skirts and from lip? Also, did you wrap your car?

    Thanks in advance,
    doolbyd ·
    Hi Zac,

    Tnx for the response.

    I'm from Belgium so not that easy to text :)

    I saw you installed a full bodykit ? The front bumper, sidewings and skirts from the mc stradale or am I wrong ?


    doolbyd ·

    I saw your post and noticed that you installed a body kit on your 4.2 gt.

    I seems like the same picture of a chinese website.

    I would like to buy the same bodykit of yours but I don't know if the quality is good.

    Can you tell if they all fit well and that the quality is good ?

    Thanks in advance !

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