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  • Jinster ·

    Lex99frc doesn't really answer any questions, does he? Not really the spirit of community forums, I think.

    Anyway, if you do a search for lex99frc via google, you will find a few posts on the xdadevelopers forum, where he was asking for advice on how to make everything work. You will find that all his posts on every forum he visits are "questions only" and never providing any answers.

    Good luck getting anything useful out of him. :)
    Hey, all is well here. To be honest I dont know anything about installing a supercharger on these cars. I do know it will be expensive and I would be very careful on who I let do the work. Is there a reason you want to supercharge rather than turbocharge? I would think the turbos would be an easier install but dont quote me on that. If you want to speak to someone about it, I would try Formula Dynamics or Underground Racing. Underground racing deals with mostly exotics and they have 2000 hp lambos so they know what they are doing. Let me know what you find out. I would also ask how much power the Duo Select will handle, thats going to be a major hurdle to clear I bet.
    akluch ·
    How are you?
    I have a question (also asked it on the forum). Would you be so kind to let me know about supercharger for Quattroporte DuoSelect? Is it possible to install one? And if so, any recommendation for the company? I heard about Novitec Tridente, however few people mentioned their quality is low and price is very high. I didn't get any answers on such question on the forum yet.
    Thank you very much.
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