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    Hi TSG,

    My name's Elwayne and I am 26 years old this year.

    You see, my gf and I have been dreaming about a Maserati since we've met. It is like a ultimate goal and dream for us because of its simply awesome outlook and status.

    I would say to my gf, one day I must ask e drivers, how did they make it? With such living expenses in Singapore but moderate income, how can I own a Maserati as well? I guessed it's sort of like a hidden pressure within me that I want to make life better for my gf and myself. And if I ever get to drive one of these beauty one day, it would have meant I have reached that level.

    May I sincerely ask, how did you make it? How long did you take to reach this level? What do you do to maintain this car?

    You may whatsapp me via 97226469 if conversing here is inconvenient for you. I really wish to learn more about The Way.

    Thank you, in advanced, so much for your time to read this TSG. I hope I'm not being too rude or impolite.

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