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  • Richard Happens ·
    Hi Travis~
    It's been awhile since I wrote or even checked Maserati Forum. However, I learned something very interesting from a local sports car shop where the owner is a retired driver -
    Galati. His daughter told me to periodically put the top up and down a week or two later and the top will "remember" to work. We didn't use to touch the top at all in the winter months.
    What she told us "is working". Eliminates that costly switch the dealer said we needed.....
    bdom ·
    I have a 06 GranSport with 18k miles that I will likely be selling. It's at Algar's now getting a new clutch under warranty. The manager has yet to indicate whether they would be interested in buying or consigning the car. I would appreciate any thoughts on the car's value if you would are to offer them.
    Bill Dombrowski
    Monkton, MD
    davewoe ·
    Hey Travis, That looks like a picture that was likely taken from the Banff Springs Hotel? Are you in/around the Calgary area? Would love to go for a rip with ya, and get some feedback on where to get honest service done here.

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