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  • TBigs ·
    Hi Dan,

    I used to store the car over the winter without the battery connected before I got a battery tender (preferred). The only problem I found was with the radio code (is that what you meant by key code?), which you will need to reactivate the radio on power up. I didn't have mine so I called the dealer that did my PPI (Washington, DC) and they were quite happy to give me the code over the phone. Very nice of them. I don't know of any other issues with storing a car without the battery connected.

    Quagmire ·
    Hey Terry,
    Do you know if disconnecting the battery for an extended period of time will cause problems with trying to start the car. I don't have the key code. Does it matter? I'm thinking about storing my car somewhere else and they require the battery to be disconnected.


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