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  • veloce49 ·
    I have mats that I bought but didn't arrive until the car was already sold (by me and Import Cars) so I've held them. Noticed you inquiring about mats, and they are available. Picture attached to my post on the thread you posted on.
    veloce49 ·
    Philly Maser
    That sure sounds like my '02 Coupe. I traded it in July 2009 at Import Cars of West Chester for a 2005 Quattroporte. After a couple of months regretted selling it. Like the size and handling of the Coupe. VIN was 08460 (last five digits).
    Really cool if you own it now. How's it treating you??
    PhillyMaser16 ·
    Hey JT sounds like a vey common problem and is referenced in the owener manual. Is this happening when you start the car up? Does it go away after a bit of driving? Typically upon start up it requires so much power from the battery that the maserati computer re routes the power away from temp controls. If its not returning after driving for a bit you may want to have it checked out. Hope this helps
    Jtodaro ·
    Hey Philly, I have an 03 mas spyder. I went to use the a/c and had no fan, no temp adjustment, I checked all the fuses and they are all good . any suggestions. Can it be the fan control unit?
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