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  • Patrickhph ·
    Hello Monty,

    Just taking a stab at this with the hopes I am not a dollar short and a day late. I am really interested in this whole set up. Monty, can I pay you for a wood grain bezel, custom program for can bus, and whatever is needed to complete the job for the 2008 radio upgrade. I have a installer that's willing to take on the job and this should give him everything needed to get the it done. Please email me if your still doing this setup at [email protected]

    cafsman ·

    Do you still do the conversions for the 2008 Quattroporte to the new style 2010 LED tail lights? I am satisfied with the headlights, just looking for pricing and installation advice.
    arkitect ·
    Hi Monty
    I have a 2008 GTS Quattroporte and I want update the headlights and rear light from the 2010 model, can you sell me the accesories and parts to do that?
    Thanks in advance
    akluch ·
    Hi Monty,
    I have a question about custom LoudLink you built for Justin (jliu55) as I'm thinking to buy it from him together with the working CD Changer. Does that custom-built LoudLink support all 3: Bluetooth, USB and SD card? Also, Justin mentioned it is possible to switch between LoudLink device and original CD changer, is it true? I wonder how the LoudLink is connected to CD Changer to perform such switches. My CD changer is connected via AUX to main unit. How the LoudLink is connected? Finally, can I control that custom LoudLink using steering wheel buttons and buttons on the main radio/navigation unit.

    Thank you very much.
    x-ray.doc ·
    Hi Monty,

    Just purchased a 2013 GT Sport. Really interested in adding a rear and possibly forward facing camera. Any guidance you can give will be much appreciated.

    p4oka ·
    hi Monty,I joined to be arable to contact you. UK QP 2005. want to get the tail light units changed to led. can you supply unit and harness so they are plug and play? I'm not too good with stuff like that so...I can follow instructions.
    Guccie6354 ·
    Hi Monty
    I have a 4 door 4.2 Quattroporte year 4/4/2008 I need a wiring harness for a led tail light conversion
    Please quote price I am in England
    Thanks Matthew
    Giraffe ·
    Hello I'm new to the forum but have read a few pages recently. I have a 2005 Quattroporte and am looking to upgrade the rear lights to the led version. I tried to source the lights in the UK without much luck. Are you still able to supply them?

    xraes ·
    Monty -
    Thanks for talking to Joe. Do you know how quickly you could get the camera and module to Boardwalk in Dallas?

    mazilife ·
    Hey Monty You mentioned you had recent pics of tailight conversions where can I find pics of recent upgrades of rear tailights thanks
    cashcowsinc ·

    I have 07 QP.

    Just a few questions.
    I am interested to change the headlight n taillights to LED.. is there a need of change in the front n rear bumper kit?

    What is the total investment for all the parts needed?

    Thanks bro!
    cubu ·
    hey monty,
    i am interested in buying a harness for the led tail light conversion. pls contact me. thanks
    jliu55 ·
    hey monty

    im not in the south east but in the north east area and am interested in the led tail lights. What are you proposing?

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