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  1. Wanted: Rear QP Shock Absorber P/N 226149

    MaseratiLife Market
    Hi, Interested in this part if you have one for sale. Thank you Shak
  2. Time to let her go....

    Wow that is one beautiful GT! Sorry she has to go and best of luck with the Masters!
  3. Just got my first QP :) Australia

    Member Introductions
    Many congratulations Axell! We'd love to see more pics and do let us know how you are getting on with her.
  4. Quattroporte detailed (much sanding for etching removal)

    Maserati Care & Detailing
    Absolutely stunning - you are seriously making me think about doing this.
  5. Head Light Leveler

    QP5 2003-2012
    See post #13 from Klangford on this thread:
  6. do you know of any "easter eggs" to be found in the granturismo?

    There is the usual hold the unlock button down for a few seconds and all the windows/sunroof will start to open - keep it held down to open all the way. Conversely, hold the lock button down and any open windows/sunroof will close.
  7. In the market for '09-'12 QP GTS

    QP5 2003-2012
    Agree with GTS Man on all fronts. I think the QP GTS is one of the most beautiful looking and best sounding cars on the planet. Buy a good one and you cannot go wrong - aesthetics, aural pleasure, driving feel and general appreciation by folks from all walks of life. If it is out of...
  8. HID fog lights for GT-S

    Was that a pun? :thumbsup: ;)
  9. question for those with ZF transmission and DBW module

    QP5 2003-2012
    Hi Jinster, a factory gear shift mapping reset is the best way to get rid of the kangaroo effect. The car tries to be clever by adapting the gear shift mapping over time to match the driver's style but is not very successful at it! You can also reset by disconnecting the battery for about 15-20...
  10. do you know of any "easter eggs" to be found in the granturismo?

    You can set 'follow me home' lights so the main beams stay on for a fixed time after you leave the car. After switching the ignition off, pull the indicator stalk towards you. Each time you pull the stalk, the lights duration increases by 30 seconds. This works on the QP so assuming the same on...
  11. look at what this guy did to his GranTurismo...

    So that's his way of beating the wrap? ;)
  12. look at what this guy did to his GranTurismo...

    This is so unnecessary as the the Maserati already has arresting looks!
  13. Cooling system problem

    QP5 2003-2012
    If this is a Spyder then you might have more luck posting in the Coupe/Spyder/GS section.
  14. Call me crazy but...

    Have you tried contacting Maserati HQ to see if they could help, even on a goodwill basis? Regardless of warranty periods (I assume you do not have a 2 year extended warranty), this should not happen on a 29,000 mile engine and speaks of faulty engineering. Are you likely to lose less money by...
  15. Shaky, Shaky

    QP5 2003-2012
    The clinking sound could be worn bushings on the front and/or rear control arms - it's basically metal on metal sound. I am not sure that if it were worn bushings, if would create the vibrations though. Replacing the bushings will tighten up steering feel, eliminate vagueness and make it feel...