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  • campaign308 ·
    Spotted this beauty a few days ago, I knew I had seen it on the forum before :D
    Got to talking to a tech. about it, he said that it SCREAMS which I believe, He even said it sounds better than a few Ferrari's F360/F430's with aftermarket exhaust systems he's heard. I like the note that was on the rear windshield, I promise I didn't lick or touch it :D
    Could you name what exhaust system you got installed ? tech. mentioned the name but I forgot it.
    Thanks, Love the QP man !

    CaDucatiMan ·
    I am formerly MN-Ducatiman... After deploying with the MN guard and working helicopters in Iraq I got a job modifying F22s in CA.. Better weather than a MN summer year round and Willow springs raceway a stones throw from work is awesome..
    kaboom24 ·
    Hello I have a 2006 QP and would like to know if your Tubi Exhaust is still available and also if it is how much are you asking for it and where your located. Thank You
    MNlotus ·
    im from apple valley. do you bring your car to top gear alot? i was actually thinking of bringing my caterham there to get some upgrades installed.
    Yeqon ·
    I'm having the same issue. I have an appointment next week at Top Gear on 55 to have them check it out. Where in MN are you?
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