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  • MaseratiCF ·
    Hey Charles,

    No, I'm not actually around anymore. I haven't worked for the dealership since March. After 11 years it was time for something new and a fresh start. I can still help out sharing as much info as I can but I can't sell anymore parts. If you need help with that then call the dealership and ask for Barry.

    ItalianGrowl ·
    Trent, are you still around? I haven't seen you post for a while but it seems I may be in need of your expertise. Are you still able to get all the necessary components for a 2010 GTS to MC front bumper conversion? Is that something that can be shipped to VA where I live now or pick up only? I am originally from Orlando so if pick up is a must its not a huge issue but shipping would be preferable.

    Charles (ItalianGrowl)
    gunnyosu ·
    Hello, just curious if you had an indoor cover for 2010 GTS? If so, does the 10% still apply, how soon can you ship? Thanks!

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